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What is a blog? A blog is a page in the internet where you can write about what you think. You can write about any issues that you are interested in. You can write about what is going on in the world or what concerns you.

Blogs have an effect on you. When you write constantly blogs your texts will become better and it is said that practise makes perfect. Furthermore you have to think about issues you want to talk about. While doing that you have to find information about it and compare it. You indirectly learn things. For example when you want to write about political things and you have to search for information you get to know what’s going on in this country with that government.

With a blog you can be your own privet Journalist. You can write straight what you are thinking without any limits. Your family and friends can read your texts and even people who surf through the internet could come across your blog and read it and give you response what to could make better or what they liked. With a blog you make your thoughts public you let other people know how you look at different things.

At the beginning I thought oh my god I have to write a blog what am I going to talk about all the time. I changed my mind it became fun. I started thinking about lots of different issues and I kept my eyes open what was going on in the world. I thought I could pick it up and create my own opinion and put it down on paper then.

Blogs are really essential and worth trying it out you can decide then if you like it or not or if it makes any sense to you writing an online diary.

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