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Wien is the German name for Vienna and it is the capital of Austria and one of the nine States. It is the biggest city in my country. It is as well the city with the most population namely 1.6 million as well the biggest cultural industrial and political centre. When visiting this city you have to make a tour around the city and see buildings like the Vienna state opera where concerts from Mozart and Joseph Strauss are preformed. Furthermore there are lots of museums to visit and taking a look at all the university buildings and walking around on the campus is worth being seen. Besides the Hofburg where Queen Elizabeth or also called Sissi was living is a tourist attraction. You can also visit Schönbrunn the world’s first zoo.

Vienna is also the seat of some United Nation offices such as United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) or the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
Another thing that you have to see when being in Vienna is the Stephan Dom. It is the seat of Roma Catholic Archbishop and it is 107 meters long and 34 meters high.
The Vienna cuisine is not the healthiest it is fat but really worth trying it. You have to eat a Wiener Schnitzel and as a desert a piece of Sacher cake.
If you like walking you can go for hours through the beautiful and tremendous parks of Vienna and enjoy nature. If you feel like shopping just take the tram, the railway or the sub way to travel through the whole city in just about some minutes.

All in all it is a city that has its own rules and thing you won’t find in any other cities.

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