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October 26th 1955

This day was a really important day in the Austrian history and thus it is a well celebrated day by the Austrians every year. It is a National celebrating day which means that it is a day off for everybody in Austria.

On this day we all remember our country becoming neutral. After World War 2 in 1945 Austria was occupied by four states. The USA, England, France and the Sow jets put troops into Austria to help keeping peace in the country and to help rebuilding the damages after the war. Then 1955 there was a treaty created and signed by the four countries which made Austria an independent republic. The demands for becoming a free state were to be a neutral country which meant that from this time on Austria was not allowed anymore to participate in any wars. We are just allowed to protect our state in case of being attacked by another country.

On October the 25th 1955 the last soldiers from America, French, England and the USSR left Austria and as a result on October 26th 1955 the law to be neutral came into force.

Since 1967 this day is acknowledged as a day without work.

The Austrian Military celebrates this day with praise speeches and afterwards there is a parade in the capital Vienna. For this parade there were 650 cars (195 tracked vehicles) and 96 helicopters used. On this day you can also visit the military museum in Vienna for free.

By Conny Steiner

26.10.06 01:14

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