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Multicultural Day in Hazlet High School


On October 18th there was a multicultural day at Hazlet High School. Students from grate eight presented all the countries where the exchange students are coming from. Thus Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Venezuela, Columbia, Germany, Norway and Austria were the names on the booths.

You could taste some national dishes and see some pictures how the countries are looking like. Besides you had the pleasure to talk to one who was born in this country and knows the best how living there is. What the daily life looks like, what they celebrate and how going to school is there, compared with the Canadian High School spirit were the most common questions asked.

Austria was also presented and the people were really impressed by the fact the Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. Furthermore Ferdinand Porsche is an Austrian and the Hummels were also created in this little country in the heart of Europe.

All the people here are really interested in getting to know other cultures and a school from Swift Current made the long way out to Hazlet just to interview the exchange students. It was a funny interview for both sides. I got a question why it would be more polite to bring purchased flowers than flowers from your own garden in Austria. A quite interesting question I wasn’t able to give an answer to that.

We all learned a lot from this multicultural day and it brings us even closer together and isn’t it amazing when you are talking to anybody about Arnold Schwarzenegger and you can say he was born in Austria and came to America to become an actor?

20.10.06 18:10

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