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Benni Raich showed again who the King of skiing is

Benni Raich showed again who the King of skiing is



The Austrian skier Benni Raich won the men’s slalom in Salt Lake City this Saturday Nov. 11th. After the first trail he was in fifth place nearly a whole second behind the leader Body Miller from the USA. Nobody believed in Benni Raich’s having a chance to reach the podium but he proved them wrong and stood on the top. With an unbelievable strong second trail he proved to the world that he was still king on skies. Benni’s strong second trail put him over the leader, Body Miller.

The interviewer asked Benni Raich how he was able to make himself the winner of this race after a fluffed first trail. He answer was, “It’s my job to do that and everybody wants to do his job as well as possible!”

This guy dominates the men’s slalom for now sixth races and it doesn’t seem to be possible to beat him. Everything is going on perfect in his life. He is doing his job very well and even his girlfriend Marlies Schild, who is also a skier, has a lot of ranks on the podium. Lots of people wonder what their secret of success is.

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