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Austrian Geography

Austria is surrounded by 7 states namely Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. It is a really small country in the heart of Europe. It has a landscape from 84,000 km² and 63% of whole Austria is mountains. Just 32% of the land is under 500 m sea level. Furthermore it is divided into 9 provinces namely Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg, Kärnten, Steiermark, Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich, Burgenland and Wien. Nearly all the provinces have their special landscape and attractions. In Vorarlberg, Tyrol and the North parts of Kärnten and the south parts of Salzburg there are the mountains. South Kärnten and Burgenland have the lakes and Steiermark, Ober and Niederösterreich are flat.  Vienna is a single province and at the same time the capital and an amazing city.  Whatever you want, the Austrian landscape offers a lot. You can join the capital to have city spirit, visit the mountains or join all the lakes with their really clean water. You can also walk through the wood where about 45,000 different kinds of animals have their home and with a little bit of luck you can see a deer on its way through the trees.

Austria has a population of 8 million with 98 inhabitants per km² and the capital Vienna has the biggest population of 1.6 million. Most of the other people are living rural.

The weather in Austria varies from season to season because of it being in the centrist zone. In winter there are temperatures about minus 20 and in summer it can become quite hot with about 38 degrees.

Austria is so small and the landscape in the North is so different compared to the South which makes it so interesting for tourists to visit it.

Conny Steiner


13.10.06 19:42

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