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The highest mountains in Austria are 3000 meters high and are in the East Alps. The biggest is the Großglockner in the Hohen Tauern (mountain chain) with a height of 3798 m. A lot of people from all over Europe come to climb this big mountain others aren’t interested in standing on the top of a mountain. Therefore you can drive up the Großglockner- street and gain a marvellous view when looking through a field glass. Furthermore you can see the biggest glacier of Austria the “Pasterze” which has a length of about 12km.


 Großglockner 3798m

They started building the Großglockner-street in 1930 and it was finished in 1935. The street is 47.8 km long. It guaranties a lot of fun driving up and down the street which a motor bike through all the curves.


The Großglockner-street

Furthermore the mountains in Austria are a big factor for the Austrian tourism. A lot of tourists come to our big ski areas in Tyrol, Corinthia and Vorarlberg (Austrian provinces) to enjoy driving down the hills and to drink mulled wine in a cottage. Besides you can stay over night at a cottage in the mountains in a height of 2000m sleeping in a sleeping bag and watching the nice sunrise in the morning.

If you are a good skier you can make ski tours. There you go up the mountains which special skies and drive down in the deep snow.

A big ski area is St. Anton in Tyrol. There you can choose between 82 different ski-lifts and drive down about 270km fixed routes.

St. Anton

60% of the landscape in Austria is mountain chains. Thus when visiting Austria you have to see the huge mountains which the snow on it evev in the middle of the summer.

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