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Mozart the genius- chapter 2

After Mozart’s quitting his job as a concertmaster he was looking for another job in Salzburg. He wasn’t able to find what he wanted and thus he became and independent composer (1781-1791). Mozart settled down in Vienna and there he composed his most beautiful operas, piano and violin concerts etc.


Some examples: Opera buffa Le nozze di Figaro
                            Opera seria La clemenza di Tito


 One of the most famous operas is the “Opera Die Zauberflöte”


The time for having a family came. On August the 4th 1782 Mozart married Constanze Weber and they had six children. Four kids died shortly after they were born just to boys named Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver survived their childhood. Grandfather Leopold visited Mozart two times in Vienna and died 1787.


Mozart’s dead and his last compositions


After showing the most famous opera DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE to the audience on November the 20th 1791 Mozart became ill and on December the 5th 1791 he died at the age of 35. The real reason for his dieing so young is until now unknown. It is said that he had a fever or rheumatism. Mozart himself believed in his being poisoned by anybody. He was talking about that to his wife a couple weeks before he died. It is also said that he died as a poor man because of his not being able to handle with money.






A memorial of Mozart in the cemetery of St. Marxer


The Austrian people are very proud of their genius and as a consequence there are some things to remember Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Mozart on our money
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