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Ski season started!!!

Austria is a country in the Alps thus skiing is really popular. All the kids living in the mountains learn how to ski really early and drive down the hills like little professionals.


Austria is the best Ski Nation in the world. With our ski aces our country leads the world cup and dominates it every year anew. On November 25th 2006  there was a women’s giant slalom in Colorado (USA) and the Austrian ski ladies showed how good they are. Zettel won, Kirchgasser got third and Hosp got fourth. It could not go better.

Skiing is the only sport where we Austrians are the best thus the whole Nation is sitting in front of the TV and cheering for our sport men and women when there is a race.

We are really proud of that and to insure our staying the best Nation in the future a lot of ski schools exist. You need to be talented to be able to go to such a school and you have to be very young. Most of the people who could be able to drive for the Austrian Ski Team in the future attend those schools at the age of 10.  The competition is really hard and just the best have a chance to drive in the World cup once. It is not a really easy decision for parents to send their kids to such schools. You have to be aware of its being an extreme sport and that is really dangerous. In men’s downhill the skiers have a speed from about 170km/h sometimes. They are driving as fast as cars but just on two skies. When they have an accident they most of the time hurt themselves really badly.

There are also a lot of small clubs to join to just have fun practising this sport. It is really an amazing sport and it always give me a feeling of freedom standing on the top of the mountain and viewing all the fog hanging in the valleys and the sun warms me above the clouds.

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