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The highest mountains in Austria are 3000 meters high and are in the East Alps. The biggest is the Großglockner in the Hohen Tauern (mountain chain) with a height of 3798 m. A lot of people from all over Europe come to climb this big mountain others aren’t interested in standing on the top of a mountain. Therefore you can drive up the Großglockner- street and gain a marvellous view when looking through a field glass. Furthermore you can see the biggest glacier of Austria the “Pasterze” which has a length of about 12km.


 Großglockner 3798m

They started building the Großglockner-street in 1930 and it was finished in 1935. The street is 47.8 km long. It guaranties a lot of fun driving up and down the street which a motor bike through all the curves.


The Großglockner-street

Furthermore the mountains in Austria are a big factor for the Austrian tourism. A lot of tourists come to our big ski areas in Tyrol, Corinthia and Vorarlberg (Austrian provinces) to enjoy driving down the hills and to drink mulled wine in a cottage. Besides you can stay over night at a cottage in the mountains in a height of 2000m sleeping in a sleeping bag and watching the nice sunrise in the morning.

If you are a good skier you can make ski tours. There you go up the mountains which special skies and drive down in the deep snow.

A big ski area is St. Anton in Tyrol. There you can choose between 82 different ski-lifts and drive down about 270km fixed routes.

St. Anton

60% of the landscape in Austria is mountain chains. Thus when visiting Austria you have to see the huge mountains which the snow on it evev in the middle of the summer.

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Austrian Geography

Austria is surrounded by 7 states namely Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. It is a really small country in the heart of Europe. It has a landscape from 84,000 km² and 63% of whole Austria is mountains. Just 32% of the land is under 500 m sea level. Furthermore it is divided into 9 provinces namely Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg, Kärnten, Steiermark, Oberösterreich, Niederösterreich, Burgenland and Wien. Nearly all the provinces have their special landscape and attractions. In Vorarlberg, Tyrol and the North parts of Kärnten and the south parts of Salzburg there are the mountains. South Kärnten and Burgenland have the lakes and Steiermark, Ober and Niederösterreich are flat.  Vienna is a single province and at the same time the capital and an amazing city.  Whatever you want, the Austrian landscape offers a lot. You can join the capital to have city spirit, visit the mountains or join all the lakes with their really clean water. You can also walk through the wood where about 45,000 different kinds of animals have their home and with a little bit of luck you can see a deer on its way through the trees.

Austria has a population of 8 million with 98 inhabitants per km² and the capital Vienna has the biggest population of 1.6 million. Most of the other people are living rural.

The weather in Austria varies from season to season because of it being in the centrist zone. In winter there are temperatures about minus 20 and in summer it can become quite hot with about 38 degrees.

Austria is so small and the landscape in the North is so different compared to the South which makes it so interesting for tourists to visit it.

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Benni Raich showed again who the King of skiing is

Benni Raich showed again who the King of skiing is



The Austrian skier Benni Raich won the men’s slalom in Salt Lake City this Saturday Nov. 11th. After the first trail he was in fifth place nearly a whole second behind the leader Body Miller from the USA. Nobody believed in Benni Raich’s having a chance to reach the podium but he proved them wrong and stood on the top. With an unbelievable strong second trail he proved to the world that he was still king on skies. Benni’s strong second trail put him over the leader, Body Miller.

The interviewer asked Benni Raich how he was able to make himself the winner of this race after a fluffed first trail. He answer was, “It’s my job to do that and everybody wants to do his job as well as possible!”

This guy dominates the men’s slalom for now sixth races and it doesn’t seem to be possible to beat him. Everything is going on perfect in his life. He is doing his job very well and even his girlfriend Marlies Schild, who is also a skier, has a lot of ranks on the podium. Lots of people wonder what their secret of success is.

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Multicultural Day in Hazlet High School


On October 18th there was a multicultural day at Hazlet High School. Students from grate eight presented all the countries where the exchange students are coming from. Thus Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Venezuela, Columbia, Germany, Norway and Austria were the names on the booths.

You could taste some national dishes and see some pictures how the countries are looking like. Besides you had the pleasure to talk to one who was born in this country and knows the best how living there is. What the daily life looks like, what they celebrate and how going to school is there, compared with the Canadian High School spirit were the most common questions asked.

Austria was also presented and the people were really impressed by the fact the Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. Furthermore Ferdinand Porsche is an Austrian and the Hummels were also created in this little country in the heart of Europe.

All the people here are really interested in getting to know other cultures and a school from Swift Current made the long way out to Hazlet just to interview the exchange students. It was a funny interview for both sides. I got a question why it would be more polite to bring purchased flowers than flowers from your own garden in Austria. A quite interesting question I wasn’t able to give an answer to that.

We all learned a lot from this multicultural day and it brings us even closer together and isn’t it amazing when you are talking to anybody about Arnold Schwarzenegger and you can say he was born in Austria and came to America to become an actor?

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October 26th 1955

This day was a really important day in the Austrian history and thus it is a well celebrated day by the Austrians every year. It is a National celebrating day which means that it is a day off for everybody in Austria.

On this day we all remember our country becoming neutral. After World War 2 in 1945 Austria was occupied by four states. The USA, England, France and the Sow jets put troops into Austria to help keeping peace in the country and to help rebuilding the damages after the war. Then 1955 there was a treaty created and signed by the four countries which made Austria an independent republic. The demands for becoming a free state were to be a neutral country which meant that from this time on Austria was not allowed anymore to participate in any wars. We are just allowed to protect our state in case of being attacked by another country.

On October the 25th 1955 the last soldiers from America, French, England and the USSR left Austria and as a result on October 26th 1955 the law to be neutral came into force.

Since 1967 this day is acknowledged as a day without work.

The Austrian Military celebrates this day with praise speeches and afterwards there is a parade in the capital Vienna. For this parade there were 650 cars (195 tracked vehicles) and 96 helicopters used. On this day you can also visit the military museum in Vienna for free.

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