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What is a blog? A blog is a page in the internet where you can write about what you think. You can write about any issues that you are interested in. You can write about what is going on in the world or what concerns you.

Blogs have an effect on you. When you write constantly blogs your texts will become better and it is said that practise makes perfect. Furthermore you have to think about issues you want to talk about. While doing that you have to find information about it and compare it. You indirectly learn things. For example when you want to write about political things and you have to search for information you get to know what’s going on in this country with that government.

With a blog you can be your own privet Journalist. You can write straight what you are thinking without any limits. Your family and friends can read your texts and even people who surf through the internet could come across your blog and read it and give you response what to could make better or what they liked. With a blog you make your thoughts public you let other people know how you look at different things.

At the beginning I thought oh my god I have to write a blog what am I going to talk about all the time. I changed my mind it became fun. I started thinking about lots of different issues and I kept my eyes open what was going on in the world. I thought I could pick it up and create my own opinion and put it down on paper then.

Blogs are really essential and worth trying it out you can decide then if you like it or not or if it makes any sense to you writing an online diary.

10.1.07 17:15


Wien is the German name for Vienna and it is the capital of Austria and one of the nine States. It is the biggest city in my country. It is as well the city with the most population namely 1.6 million as well the biggest cultural industrial and political centre. When visiting this city you have to make a tour around the city and see buildings like the Vienna state opera where concerts from Mozart and Joseph Strauss are preformed. Furthermore there are lots of museums to visit and taking a look at all the university buildings and walking around on the campus is worth being seen. Besides the Hofburg where Queen Elizabeth or also called Sissi was living is a tourist attraction. You can also visit Schönbrunn the world’s first zoo.

Vienna is also the seat of some United Nation offices such as United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) or the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).
Another thing that you have to see when being in Vienna is the Stephan Dom. It is the seat of Roma Catholic Archbishop and it is 107 meters long and 34 meters high.
The Vienna cuisine is not the healthiest it is fat but really worth trying it. You have to eat a Wiener Schnitzel and as a desert a piece of Sacher cake.
If you like walking you can go for hours through the beautiful and tremendous parks of Vienna and enjoy nature. If you feel like shopping just take the tram, the railway or the sub way to travel through the whole city in just about some minutes.

All in all it is a city that has its own rules and thing you won’t find in any other cities.

15.12.06 06:16

Ski season started!!!

Austria is a country in the Alps thus skiing is really popular. All the kids living in the mountains learn how to ski really early and drive down the hills like little professionals.


Austria is the best Ski Nation in the world. With our ski aces our country leads the world cup and dominates it every year anew. On November 25th 2006  there was a women’s giant slalom in Colorado (USA) and the Austrian ski ladies showed how good they are. Zettel won, Kirchgasser got third and Hosp got fourth. It could not go better.

Skiing is the only sport where we Austrians are the best thus the whole Nation is sitting in front of the TV and cheering for our sport men and women when there is a race.

We are really proud of that and to insure our staying the best Nation in the future a lot of ski schools exist. You need to be talented to be able to go to such a school and you have to be very young. Most of the people who could be able to drive for the Austrian Ski Team in the future attend those schools at the age of 10.  The competition is really hard and just the best have a chance to drive in the World cup once. It is not a really easy decision for parents to send their kids to such schools. You have to be aware of its being an extreme sport and that is really dangerous. In men’s downhill the skiers have a speed from about 170km/h sometimes. They are driving as fast as cars but just on two skies. When they have an accident they most of the time hurt themselves really badly.

There are also a lot of small clubs to join to just have fun practising this sport. It is really an amazing sport and it always give me a feeling of freedom standing on the top of the mountain and viewing all the fog hanging in the valleys and the sun warms me above the clouds.

1.12.06 16:55

Maria Theresia

She was a women living in Austria in the 18th century and she was quite important for my country. She was the Archduchess of Austria and the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. She was the daughter of Charles 7 and after he died Maria Theresia ascends the thrown.

She married Francis 1, Duke of Lorraine and they had incredible, but true 16 children together. There were 11 daughters and 5 sons. She was one of really few women who married out of love.

After her father died Maria set on the thrown without any clue how to govern that country. Furthermore Austria had some political problems. The Army was really weak and the money in the treasure vault became less and less due to two wars.

She made managed it and made some chances for Austria. She increased the army, made it twice as big as it was before. Besides she chanced the taxes to guarantee the states having enough money.

She also introduced the “Höchstgericht” the highest dish. I took care that all the laws in the country were obtained.

The most popular step she took was the introduction of the compulsory school attendance. Before Maria Theresa nobody had to go school obligatorily. Till today it is taught in the school she founded the so called Theresianum. She also founded a military academy and made the medicine university in Wien better.

All the reforms strengthened the economy.

Then her husband Francis died and she governed the country with her oldest son Joseph. She gave him some work and some responsibility but she still rolled the reins.

She governed the country from 1740 until she died in 1780.


15.11.06 17:27

Younger Siblings

Screaming, crying, constantly being in quarrel between siblings is well known in all families with a couple of kids in it. Arguing about what TV show you will watch in the evening, who can use the bathroom first in the morning, who can have the last piece of chocolate are contentious issues to start fighting.

I have two younger siblings and living together with them is sometimes really annoying. Everybody who has younger sisters and brothers knows what I’m talking about. Sometimes you could send them to the moon, you think you really hate them more then anything else.

Furthermore it drives me up the walls when my sister wants to do exactly what I do and she wants to have the same clothes I wear. Sometimes you are sitting on the couch in the living room and you just want to relax and your brother starts teasing you just because of his being bored.

They can be really nasty and ruffle your feathers but be honest you would never be able to hate them you adore them instead.

The point is that you think you really can’t stand them and you wish you would be the only kid in the family but deep in your heart you love them, you adore them you just would never admit that. It took me a long time to recognize that. I actually became aware of it when I went away from home. At the moment I’m not living together with them. The telephone is the only contact to my siblings and when talking to them I always ask them how they are doing at school if they need any help or anything else. I was surprised about my caring so much for those little devils. They always made me go up the walls and I thought with keeping distance to them my life would be much better. I changed my mind I’m missing them and I recognized that I would die for them.

When I’m going back after my exchange year I know that we soon will start arguing again and that they will ruffle my feathers but there will a difference. I’m nearly an adult and I can think twice if I decide to be mean to them or not. Sometimes you can show them that you love them with small gestures. You could probably give them a ride to their soccer or volleyball game and cheer for them.

It is totally normal that you quarrel a lot with your siblings and that you can’t stand them sometime. But be honest, you would always be there to help them if they need your assistance. Furthermore you are probably caring for them more, than for yourself, have you ever thought about that?
1.11.06 16:43

October 26th 1955

This day was a really important day in the Austrian history and thus it is a well celebrated day by the Austrians every year. It is a National celebrating day which means that it is a day off for everybody in Austria.

On this day we all remember our country becoming neutral. After World War 2 in 1945 Austria was occupied by four states. The USA, England, France and the Sow jets put troops into Austria to help keeping peace in the country and to help rebuilding the damages after the war. Then 1955 there was a treaty created and signed by the four countries which made Austria an independent republic. The demands for becoming a free state were to be a neutral country which meant that from this time on Austria was not allowed anymore to participate in any wars. We are just allowed to protect our state in case of being attacked by another country.

On October the 25th 1955 the last soldiers from America, French, England and the USSR left Austria and as a result on October 26th 1955 the law to be neutral came into force.

Since 1967 this day is acknowledged as a day without work.

The Austrian Military celebrates this day with praise speeches and afterwards there is a parade in the capital Vienna. For this parade there were 650 cars (195 tracked vehicles) and 96 helicopters used. On this day you can also visit the military museum in Vienna for free.

By Conny Steiner

26.10.06 01:14

Multicultural Day in Hazlet High School


On October 18th there was a multicultural day at Hazlet High School. Students from grate eight presented all the countries where the exchange students are coming from. Thus Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Venezuela, Columbia, Germany, Norway and Austria were the names on the booths.

You could taste some national dishes and see some pictures how the countries are looking like. Besides you had the pleasure to talk to one who was born in this country and knows the best how living there is. What the daily life looks like, what they celebrate and how going to school is there, compared with the Canadian High School spirit were the most common questions asked.

Austria was also presented and the people were really impressed by the fact the Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria. Furthermore Ferdinand Porsche is an Austrian and the Hummels were also created in this little country in the heart of Europe.

All the people here are really interested in getting to know other cultures and a school from Swift Current made the long way out to Hazlet just to interview the exchange students. It was a funny interview for both sides. I got a question why it would be more polite to bring purchased flowers than flowers from your own garden in Austria. A quite interesting question I wasn’t able to give an answer to that.

We all learned a lot from this multicultural day and it brings us even closer together and isn’t it amazing when you are talking to anybody about Arnold Schwarzenegger and you can say he was born in Austria and came to America to become an actor?

20.10.06 18:10

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